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Make a Plan for Yourself as an Entrepreneur


When we start a start-up, we plan for everything: product development; customer acquisition; investments; operating expenses; resources; hiring; marketing, technology; variable pay; and a hundred other things like them. We place high importance on planning and that is as it should be. A well-planned initiative/ project is as good as half-executed.

What we fail to do is make a plan for the most important part of the start-up— you. There is nothing as important to a start-up as the entrepreneur. Everything can be worked out or corrected as long as you are right. At the same time, considering that nobody is perfect in this world and that this might be your first company, there would be a lot of areas in which you might need to grow. The expected growth would not come automatically or randomly; it can come only with a plan.

To put it simply, you need to make an analysis of yourself: your weaknesses; your areas of improvement; things you need to learn to be a better CXO. Then find ways of covering those areas by any means, such as having a mentor; training; reading; self-development; getting help from colleagues, employees or industry peers. Working on these areas without a plan is like building a house without a floor plan. You might be able to build something, but that might not be what you had wanted or what was needed. If you are unable to make the plan yourself, take help from the people around you.

Remember, if you get yourself right, the chances are that the rest will fall into place. Learn more about making a plan for yourself as an entrepreneur only at the University Canada West.

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