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How to Define Your Own Success?


On your journey, there will be many events, stages and achievements which would be termed successful. People around you will associate success with all these. But it is for you to define what success means to you and to remain focused on it. If you keep that in mind from the beginning, you will not waste time on peripheral matters. Success could mean anything to you: getting your company up; running operations profitably; employing people; making a million dollars in profit; making ten million dollars in profit, having 100 million users; getting funded by a VC firm and so on.

Success vs happiness
This is something people have to judge for themselves. As we all know, there is a difference between success and happiness. Success is generally what the world decides and it is always relative. Happiness is what we decide for ourselves and is specific. Considering that this is going be a tough journey, with many ups and downs, with success having multiple definitions, it is advisable that you spend some time figuring out what makes you happy.

We humans have a tendency to work towards what we think of as being successful and we consider it as meaning happy. It is only when we reach a point of success that we feel it is not exactly making us happy. If you know what happiness means to you, you might be able to ensure you are getting that too. What if you built a 100-million-dollar company but had to travel twenty days a month, while, for you, happiness meant being at home? Or that happiness meant travelling the world but you need to be in the office twenty days a month? Knowing the difference now will help ensure that, after a few years of travelling on a long and tiring journey, when you have reached the point where you are considered successful, you don’t regret that you are not happy.

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